Mole Removal

How does it work?
Surgitron™ Laser Treatment is primarily used for the removal of undesired moles, pigment spots and lumps on the face and anywhere on the body.

Can every mole be removed using this procedure?
After carrying out a mole check, Dr Karl will advise you of the best treatment. If a mole is suspicious for skin cancer then it may need to be surgically removed to allow a histological diagnosis at the laboratory.

What results can I expect after my treatment? How long will the results last?
Surgitron™ Laser Treatment restores your skin with the complete removal of lumps and pigment spots–with minimal scarring. The results are instantly visible and long-term with no necessary down time and usually only one treatment is required.

Post-treatment instructions need to be followed carefully to avoid risk of scarring or pigment changes that are possible complications of the treatment.

Indicative photos of treatment

BEFORE:                     AFTER:
molebefore moleafter

What is the treatment like?
Surgitron™ Laser Treatment is a painless and non-surgical procedure that effectively removes lumps, pigment spots, moles and small scars. Treatment takes only 20 to 30 minutes after which you will emerge free of these blemishes. To ensure your total comfort during the treatment a small local anaesthetic injection is given to the area to be treated.

I’m interested in knowing more – where to from here?
Make a time to come in and see the friendly team at Cosmedics for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your cosmetic requirements.

Why choose the Cosmedic Clinic for Mole Removal?
Peace of Mind! Having performed many procedures, Dr Karl’s expertise is based on extensive education, experience, and a commitment to helping you achieve the results you desire.